The Upanishad

The Upanishads are epic hymns of self-knowledge and world-knowledge and God-knowledge.  The ‘Upanishads’ contaning Philosophical part of ‘Vedas’, form the Foundation of -Hindu Religion and Speculative Thought! The Upanishads are called – ‘Brahma-Vidya’ or -‘Science of Brahman’ and also – ‘ Aatma-Vidya’ or -‘ Science of Aatman! They describe the – Ultimate Objective of Life,… Read More The Upanishad

3. Conscious Force : Scientific Spirituality

Materialism indeed insists that, whatever the extension of consciousness, it is a material phenomenon inseparable from our physical organs and not their utiliser but their result. This orthodox contention, however, is no longer able to hold the field against the tide of increasing knowledge. Its explanations are becoming more and more inadequate and strained. It… Read More 3. Conscious Force : Scientific Spirituality