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Destruction of Hindu temples by Christians and Muslims

Ptolemy, the Greek geographer (AD 90-168) referred to Mylapore in his books as ‘Maillarpha’ a well known seaport. In 1566 Portuguese Christians demolished the temple and the present temple was rebuilt about 300 years ago. Fragmentary inscriptions from the old temple, still found in the present temple and in St. Thomas Cathedral. Few years back when I visited the Kutub Minar, there was an inscription which says that it was constructed after destroying 27 temples. Similarly wherever Hindus visit, there are evidence of Christian and Muslim barbarism which tried to remove the temples and universities of Hindus throughout India. This historical fact should be kept in mind while writing such editorials as Times of India can help to bring the Ayodhya issue to a peaceful conclusion. Muslims should be made to understand that their ancestors, who invaded India, had razed down our temples, and if they are civilized, should apologise for this barbarism. Present day Hindus are living in a free India, and would like to live with other communities in peace and harmony and with dignity. What we see is Muslim terrorism from Kerala to Kashmir and Christian terrorism in North East and their conversion effort condemning Hinduism throughout India. If the present trend is not stopped, as happened in USA, there will be civil war to stop the disintegration efforts made by Muslims and Christians.


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