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Elevation at Death

There are different kinds of transcedentalists who are called yogis-hatha yogis, jnana-yogis, dhyana- yogis n bhakti-yogis, and all of them are eligible to be transferred to the spiritual world.
The word yoga means “to link-up”, “integration”, and the yoga systems are meant to enable us to link with the transcedental world. We are all connected to the Supreme Lord, but now we have been affected by material contamination. The process is that we have to return to the spiritual world, and that process of linking up is called Yoga.
When we add- God- to our lives, this human form of life becomes perfect.

At the time of death we have to finish that process of perfection. During our lifetime we have to practice the method of approaching that perfection so that at the time of death, when we have to up this material body, that perfection can be realized….


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  1. Chandan says:

    >"By yogic power, firmly holding the life breath between the two eye-brows, at the time of death, concentrating on God, with a steadfast mind and full of devotion, he will certainly attain to the Supreme Personality of Godhead." – Srimad BhagavadGita (8.10)

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